Pizza Pizza Drop Drop

Deliver pizzas - on the moon!

Regress to the 1980s with this light-hearted “retro” arcade game.

A long way in the future of time you are working as a pizza delivery agent in a lunar colony on the moon.

It is your mission to drop pizzas into the houses below as you fly your rocket ship through the sleepy, and mostly ungrateful, commuter town within the quaintly named Caverns of Doom. If you miss a house then you lose points.

The caverns are populated by green flying things which will sap your fuel, so don’t bump into them. Fortunately your ship is equipped with missiles which you can use to shoot them, if you’re so inclined. Your fuel can be replenished by colliding with floating fuel tankers. If you run out of fuel then you will crash.

For Apple iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch devices running iOS 9.1 or higher.