Intesym Ltd.

Intesym Ltd. is a British R&D engineering company based in the North-East of England. It specialises in finding and developing novel approaches to large-scale parallel computation and high-speed implementation of algorithms in both hardware and software.

Proprietary developments have included massively parallel microprocessor & memory architectures, embedded system architectures, video controllers/accelerators, storage controllers, HPC interconnect fabrics, image recognition & similarity systems, and static & dynamic structural analysis.

Intesym offers its theoretical and electronic engineering expertise on a consultancy basis and always welcomes the opportunity to work with other parties to develop their products.

The Parliamentary Review

Intesym Ltd. was featured in the 2018 edition of The Parliamentary Review, who issued the following press release in October 2018:

Intesym and PM, Theresa May share sector best practice in The Parliamentary Review

Theresa May’s foreword for The Parliamentary Review focuses on four ‘grand challenges’: “harnessing artificial intelligence and the data revolution; leading in changes to the future of mobility; meeting the challenges of our ageing society; and driving ahead the revolution in clean growth.” Many of the organisations who appear alongside her in the publication build on these challenges and shed light on some more unique ones. The end result is a fascinatingly diverse publication with a huge range of voices.

Intesym is an electronic design consultancy with expertise in data flow, processing, and computation. In their Review article, they layout their philosophy that has led to their success today as well as the importance of not overcomplicating while innovating.

Technology is surging forwards apace all across the world, and Britain is no exception. This year’s edition of The Parliamentary Review explains the progress that the industry has experienced on both a domestic and international level, while also highlighting pertinent issues for the future.

Lord Blunkett, has said he is looking forward to the first edition of The Parliamentary Review being published under this co-chairmanship. Lord Blunkett highlighted that The Review provides an important platform “to have an interchange; where those in the formal political arena can go to understand business.”

Writing in The Review, the prime minister says that “British politics provides ample material for analysis in the pages of The Parliamentary Review.”

Intesym’s article can be viewed here: