Mazey Mazey Run Run

Aliens have stolen your car keys. Can you get them back?

Regress to the 1980s with this light-hearted “retro” arcade maze game.

You got up in the morning, had your breakfast, and then went to leave for work. You were annoyed to find that your car keys were missing! In their place was a letter explaining that the keys had been abducted by Extraterrestrial Aliens From Outer Space and hidden on their imaginatively named Planet X.

It was okay when they were just taking odd socks. You didn’t even mind when they took the cat. But taking your car keys is a step too far! Fortunately the aliens knew you would want to retrieve them and, before you knew it, you had been teleported to Planet X.

So now you find yourself at the entrance of an alien maze. Somewhere in there are your keys. It should be a simple matter for you to perambulate about the labyrinthine corridors of doom, find them, and then escape to the entrance. If you are successful then you will be teleported back to Earth as if nothing had happened, possibly.

Unbeknownst to you, unless you have read these instructions, the labyrinth is protected by patrolling guardians, some harmless and some not.

Not unbeknownst to you, unless you haven’t read these instructions, is that you have some breadcrumbs in your pocket. You can drop these to help your navigation. Also, the labyrinth contains objects that you may or may not find useful in your quest.

For Apple iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch devices running iOS 9.1 or higher.