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Latest version: 1.7 — Update Release


Structural/Civil Engineering App for single-span beams.

Caters for beams with various end supports and with arbitrary loadings composed of any mix of point loads, moments, and distributed loads. Beam properties may be entered numerically or by simply tapping and dragging, with an extensive multi-national section library built-in, plus a section generator for custom-sized cross-sections of common shapes.

There is an emphasis on quick and precise input of high-resolution data through graphical drag-and-tap interaction, with numeric input available as an alternative.

Instantly available, clear graphical representations of deflections and force envelopes, with smooth curves and sharp discontinuities, are interactive with slider bars for reading off results at any point along the beam, together with single-tap access to maxima/minima and other points of interest.

Loads can consist of any combination of point loads, couples, UDLs, and trapezoidal distributed loads at any points along the span. Distributed loads can be assymetrical and of any length along the span.

A single-tap is all that is needed to change the end support conditions to quickly switch between fully fixed, fixed/pinned, simply supported, and cantilevers.

  • Single-span beam elastic analysis.
  • Extensive section library.
  • Custom section generator.
  • Level 1 features


Usage tips

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Guided Tour & Usage


Technical Features

    The following level 1 features

  • Continuous automatic real-time analysis in response to changes.
  • Metric & imperial units.
  • Integrated extensive section library:
    • British: UB, UC, SHS, RHS, CHS, RSC, PFC, ERSA, URSA, RSJ, UBP
    • European: HD, HE, HL, HP, IPE, IPN, LE, LU, UAP, UPN
    • American: S, W, HP, S-HSS, R-HSS, O-HSS, C, MC, L
    • Canadian: S, M, W, WWF, HP, SLB, S-HSS, R-HSS, O-HSS, C, MC, L, WT, WWT [The HSS tables include both G40 (HS) and A500 (HA)]
    • Australian: UB, UC, WB, WC, SHS, RHS, CHS, PFC, EA, UA, TFB, UBP
    • South African: UBP, UBT, UCP, SHS, RHS, CHS, PFC, TFC, ERSA, URSA
    • Japanese: HJ
    • Russian: BFB, NFB, RSC
  • Integrated section generator for common shapes:
    • Open: I/H, channel, zed, angle, tee
    • Hollow: Oval, Rectangular
    • Solid: Oval, Rectangular
    • Calculates: Area, Inertia, Torsional constant, Elastic moduli, and mass per unit length
  • Integrated material library:
    • Steel, Aluminium, Concrete, Timber, Glass
  • Dimensional resolutions to 0.01m (0.5” with imperial units).
  • Loading resolution to 2 significant figures.
  • Beam lengths from 0.2 m to 40 m (6” ~ 1600”).
  • Loads from 0 kN to 1000 kN (0 kips ~ 200 kips).
  • Arbitrary combined loadings of point, couple, and trapezoidal loads.
  • Various end conditions:
    • Simply supported.
    • Fixed both ends.
    • Fixed and pinned at opposite ends.
    • Left-hand and right-hand cantilevers.
  • Results at any position along the beam.
  • Graphical and numerical results include:
    • Reactions.
    • Deflections.
    • Bending moments.
    • Shear forces.
    • Bending stress.
  • Points of interest automatically determined:
    • Local and global maxima & minima.
    • Zero intercept.
    • Zero crossing points.
  • Automatic gravity loading.
User Interface

    The following level 1 features

  • Four simple interactive screens:
    • Geometry: for entering beam length, supports, and section properties.
    • Loading: for adding, removing, and editing loads.
    • Results: for reading numerical results and viewing graphical deflections and force envelopes.
    • Utilities: for selecting unit system (metric/imperial) and resetting the model.
  • Easy and accurate graphical drag-and-tap controls:
    • Precision of positioning with finger as high as 1 part in 2000.
    • Drag slider for beam span.
    • Tap to add a load to the beam.
    • Drag loads along to set position.
    • Drag loads and envelopes to specify magnitudes.
    • Drag a load to the wastebin to remove it.
    • Drag marker along deflected shape or force envelope to read off value.
    • Tap on points of interest for specific results (e.g. maxima/minima).
  • Numeric entry available if preferred:
    • Double-tap on an input variable to enter its value numerically instead of graphically.
  • Section library presented as a straightforward selection:
    • Tap on button in geometry window to open library.
    • Tap on category (e.g. British UB).
    • Tap on section size.
    • Diagram and properties will appear; tap on a Use button to pick major or minor axis.
  • Custom property generator accessible in the library:
    • In library, choose custom category.
    • Diagram and properties will appear; double-tap on a dimension to edit it.
    • Properties will automatically recalculate when dimensions are changed.
    • Choose a material (optional) by tapping on the blue button.
    • Tap on the Use buttons to pick either major or minor axis.

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1.7Update release

Update to section library.

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1.6Update release

Update to section library and custom generator.

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1.4Update release

Update to section library.

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1.3Update release

Update to section library and custom generator.

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1.2Improvement release

Functional upgrades.

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1.1Bug-fix release

Important update for all users of imperial units.

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1.0Initial release

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