Design services

Expertise in data flow, processing, and computation

Intesym is always happy to work with clients on their projects as either consultant engineers, a technology partner, mentor, or other appropriate arrangement, contributing hardware, software, and/or system engineering. Recent collaborations have included image processing, artificial intelligence, finite-element analysis, and fuel cell control.

Intesym draws on over a decade of in-house experience in parallel computing, CPU design, system design, and innovative simple solutions to complex problems.


A selection of our capabilities are below.

  • Digital logic (discrete, programmable, multi-million gates)
  • Analogue (LF, audio, HF)
  • CPUs
    • RISC, CISC, multithreaded architectures, multi-core designs
    • Unconventional & novel processor architectures
  • Naturally-parallel, massively-parallel computational systems
  • Video controller and graphics accelerator (GPU) design
  • Memory and cache hierarchies and controllers
  • I/O controllers
  • Control logic
  • Communication links and protocols
  • Embedded systems
  • Interfaces
  • Board-level and chip-level design
  • System integration and interface translation
  • Software (applications, drivers, operating systems, embedded microcode)
    • Electronic, structural, mechanical, and general engineering software
    • Graphically interactive interfaces
  • Algorithms (developing, code profiling, code optimising)

Hardware deliverables can range from concepts through schematics, VHDL, and netlists, to complete turn-key populated boards.

Software deliverables can range from a non-exclusive application through to complete source-code hand-over under a flexible selection of licences.


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