Recreational Software


Some say there is more to life than work. On the off-chance that this is true, Intesym offers a small range of simple, light-hearted diversional games.

The games hark back to the chunky land of 8-bit nostalgia where colour was a luxury and programs were sold in books. If you yearn for the days when computers were magic boxes, televisions were used as monitors, and screens were covered in fingerprints, then you are dreaming of either next-year’s latest technology or something from 1982.

These games recreate the penultimate in 20th century state-of-the-art:

  • All 8 colours of the spectrum! (Including the two which aren’t.)
  • Choice of sound effects: off and on!


  • These games might not be suitable for people who have never seen a pixel.
Apple iPhone, iPod touch, & iPad Games

Version 1.00

Coffee Coffee Plip Plop

Genre: arcade action shoot-’em-up.

Your planet is rich in naturally occurring freshly-ground coffee lakes. Uncivilised aliens are intent on ruining this valuable resource by dropping sugar cubes into it.

It is your mission to defend one of these lakes by destroying the cubes before they contaminate the coffee. If you fail then your entire planet will die of snobbery.

Version 1.00

Diggy Diggy Bash Bash

Genre: arcade action platform.

Alien monsters from outer space were happily minding their own business until you turned up and, like an idiot, you started bashing them on the head with a shovel.

For some reason they have since decided to eat you.

Consequently, your only chance of survival is to dig holes to trap the monsters and then bash them repeatedly until they fall through and splat on the floor below. All of the monsters must be disposed of before time runs out.

Collect bonus items, don’t let trapped monsters get too angry, and watch out for the flying saucers!

Version 1.00

Mazey Mazey Run Run

Genre: arcade action 3D maze.

You got up in the morning, had your breakfast, and then went to leave for work. You were annoyed to find that your car keys were missing. In their place was a letter explaining that the keys had been abducted by Extraterrestrial Aliens From Outer Space and hidden on their imaginatively named Planet X.

The aliens have teleported you to their planet and you find yourself at the entrance of a maze. Somewhere in there are your keys. It should be a simple matter for you to perambulate about the labyrinthine corridors of doom, find them, and escape back to the entrance. Unless the guardians catch you first!

Version 1.00

Minty Minty Fetch Fetch

Genre: arcade action chase.

High in the Swiss Alps our intrepid hero Bernard (the mountain rescue dog) has happened upon a maze. Within the maze are lumps of Kendal Mint Cake. Bernard has decided to collect these in case he meets any mountaineers in need.

Around Bernard’s neck is a barrel of sarsaparilla (his favourite drink). Unbeknownst to Bernard, the maze is a trap set by nasty sarsaparilla-guzzling monsters. They will trip him up and steal his barrel if they catch him.

Please help Bernard collect all of the cake and avoid the monsters by guiding him through the gaps in the walls of the maze as he runs round.

Version 1.00

Pizza Pizza Drop Drop

Genre: arcade action shoot-’em-up.

A long way in the future of time you are working as a pizza delivery agent in a lunar colony on the moon.

It is your mission to drop pizzas into the houses below as you fly your rocket ship through the sleepy, and mostly ungrateful, commuter town within the quaintly named Caverns of Doom.

If you miss a house then you lose points.