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Latest version: 1.07 — Update Release


Structural/Civil Engineering App for elastic analysis of general 3D space-frames.

Ideally suited to students and engineers looking for an easy-to-use portable analysis tool, Space Frame S is a good progression for those familiar with our student app Intuition, as well as being a matching 3D companion to our CASA 2D apps.

3D structural models can be created and analysed. There is an emphasis on quick and precise input of high-resolution data through graphical tap-and-drag interaction, with numeric input available as an alternative. Automatic concurrent analysis ensures that up-to-date results are conveniently available after every edit. Clear graphical representations of deflections and force envelopes are interactive with slider bars for reading off results at any point along the members.

  • Space-frame elastic analysis.
  • Extensive section library.
  • Custom section generator.
  • Levels 1 ~ 2 features

On-line help

A short tour is available below. For more information on using the App please refer to the on-line help, which is also available in-App.


For pre-sale enquiries and post-purchase support for this product, please contact us by e-mail.

Guided Tour & Usage


Technical Features

    The following level 1 features

  • Continuous automatic real-time analysis in response to changes.
  • Metric & imperial units.
  • Integrated extensive section library:
    • British: UB, UC, SHS, RHS, CHS, RSC, PFC, ERSA, URSA, RSJ, UBP
    • European: HD, HE, HL, HP, IPE, IPN, LE, LU, UAP, UPN
    • American: S, W, HP, S-HSS, R-HSS, O-HSS, C, MC, L
    • Canadian: S, M, W, WWF, HP, SLB, S-HSS, R-HSS, O-HSS, C, MC, L, WT, WWT [The HSS tables include both G40 (HS) and A500 (HA)]
    • Australian: UB, UC, WB, WC, SHS, RHS, CHS, PFC, EA, UA, TFB, UBP
    • South African: UBP, UBT, UCP, SHS, RHS, CHS, PFC, TFC, ERSA, URSA
    • Japanese: HJ
    • Russian: BFB, NFB, RSC
  • Integrated section generator for common shapes:
    • Open: I/H, channel, zed, angle, tee
    • Hollow: Oval, Rectangular
    • Solid: Oval, Rectangular
    • Calculates: Area, Inertia, Torsional constant, Elastic moduli, and mass per unit length
  • Integrated material library:
    • Steel, Aluminium, Concrete, Timber, Glass
  • Dimensional resolutions to 1mm (0.1” with imperial units).
  • Loading resolution to 2 significant figures.
  • Arbitrary combined loadings of point, couple, and trapezoidal loads, in both global and member-local axes.
  • Members can be rigid or pinned at either end.
  • Nodes may be restrained in a variety of ways.
  • Graphical and numerical results include:
    • Reactions.
    • Deflections.
    • Bending moments.
    • Shear forces.
    • Bending stress.
  • Numerical values for any position along a member.
    • Points of interest automatically determined.
  • Automatic gravity loading.
  • Plus the following level 2 features

  • Multiple loadcases.
  • Factored loadcase combinations.
User Interface

    The following level 1 features

  • Four simple interactive screens:
    • Geometry: for creating and editing nodes, members, supports, and section properties.
    • Loading: for creating and editing loads.
    • Results: for reading numerical results and viewing graphical deflections and force envelopes.
    • Utilities: unit system choice; on-line help; load/save file; reset.
  • Easy and accurate graphical drag-and-tap controls:
    • Rotate, pan, and zoom with simple gestures.
    • High precision positioning of nodes and loads by dragging with the mouse.
    • Simple graphical tap sequences to generate members and loadings.
    • Drag loads along to set position.
    • Drag loads and envelopes to specify magnitudes.
    • Drag marker along deflected shape or force envelope to read off value.
  • Numeric entry available if preferred:
    • Double-click on an input variable to enter its value numerically instead of graphically.
    • A built-in calculator is provided to add flexibility to numeric input:
      • Add or subtract offsets to dimensions.
      • Multiply and divide to scale dimensions.
      • Or simply enter a new value.
  • Measurement of distances, angles, and areas:
    • Select 2 nodes to measure the distance between them.
    • Select 3 nodes to obtain the angle between them.
    • Select 3 or more nodes to describe a polygon:
      • Reports the perimeter.
      • Reports the area if all in a single plane.
  • Section library presented as a straightforward selection:
    • Click on button in main window to open library.
    • Click on category (e.g. British UB).
    • Click on section size.
    • Diagram and properties will appear.
    • Rotate axes if desired, and tap Use to apply.
  • Custom property generator accessible in the library:
    • In library, choose custom category.
    • Diagram and properties will appear; double-click on a dimension to edit it.
    • Properties will automatically recalculate when dimensions are changed.
  • Plus the following level 2 features

  • Simple yet flexible actions make modelling easy:
    • Create & delete nodes, members, and loads by point-and-clicking.
    • Move & copy geometry.
    • Split members (loading automatically split accordingly).
    • Slide nodes along members, with optional automatic sympathetic movement of other geometry.
    • Change member spans, with optional automatic sympathetic movement of other geometry.
    • Replicate loading across members.
    • Optionally pin member ends.
  • Easy access to additional functions:
    • Document titles for title-block
    • Choice of unit system (UK Metric, EU Metric, and US Imperial).
    • On-line help.
    • Load, save, and reset models.
    • Transfer models between CASA apps and mobile devices (requires iOS 3.2+).
  • Report generation:
    • User-configurable content.
    • Highly graphical for visual interpretation of data.
    • On-screen preview.
    • Export PDF via e-mail.
  • “Replay Demonstrations” giving annotated examples of common modelling techniques and how to use the program.

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1.01Initial release

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Models should be saved prior to updating the App as unsaved data may not be preserved by the updating process.