CASA-Beam Hints, Tips, & FAQ

General Guidance

The interface is designed for graphical interaction as well as numerical data entry. We hope the following information is useful.

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General operation

The program consists of four tabs, each with a prescribed function:

Geometry tab

For editing the beam span and section size.

Loading tab

For adding, removing, and editing loads.

  • A load can only be edited or removed if it has first been selected. To select a load:
    • Point load: tap on its tip where it touches the member.
    • Couple: tap the point on the member around which it acts.
    • Trapezoidal load: tap on either the left or right tip (not somewhere between the two) where it touches the member.
  • These locations are also those places to place your finger to begin dragging the load to the wastebin.

Utilities tab

This tab contains miscellaneous features:

  • The preferred unit system can be chosen (metric/imperial).
  • All model data can be erased. To do this:
    1. Tap on the Clear button.
    2. The button will turn red and Confirm will appear.
    3. Tap on Confirm to erase the data.
    4. If you do not confirm the action within three seconds then the button will return to its original state.

Setting data graphically

Despite the small screen size, CASA-Beam allows very high resolution graphical interaction for setting data through the use of a slightly non-linear relationship between finger movements and data changes. Some users may need a little practice to become accustomed to this.

Setting data numerically

While CASA-Beam promotes the use of graphical interaction, sometimes it can be quicker and easier to simply type in a number, and so it is our policy to always provide such a facility wherever data is required.

Removing loads

To remove a load, ensure you are in the Loading tab and then:

  1. Select the load (if it is not already selected):
    • Select by tapping on the load where it touches the member.
    • For trapezoidal loads tap at either end of the load, not in the middle.
    • For couples, tap on the point around which it acts on the member.
  2. Place your finger on the screen in the same as place as that tap.
  3. A circle will appear around your finger.
  4. Drag your finger to the bin.
  5. The bin will enlarge when you reach it.
  6. Lift your finger and the load will be deleted.

Mobile Apps

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Structural analysis

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Usage tips


1.7Update release

Update to section library.

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1.6Update release

Update to section library and custom generator.

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1.4Update release

Update to section library.

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1.3Update release

Update to section library and custom generator.

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1.2Improvement release

Functional upgrades.

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1.1Bug-fix release

Important update for all users of imperial units.

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1.0Initial release

Please visit the App Store for updates.

We recommend all users to keep up to date with their software, especially with regard to bug-fix releases.