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Intesym’s range of engineering software for mobile touch-screen devices provide affordable, fast, and sophisticated capabilities combined them with the convenience of a pocket calculator, perfect for use on site, in meetings, on the train, or even to replace a PC. They are intended for serious use by professional engineers and engineering students.

  Our CASA range of structural analysis offers features from simple beam calculations up to complex 3D P-Delta second-order and natural mode analysis, with easy visual user interaction.

  Algernon is a geometrical calculator, allowing parametrically associative geometry to be constructed and measured. It has an emphasis on simplicity, with the use of idioms to express many forms of geometrical constructions with a minimum of tools.

Mobile Apps

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Structural analysis

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CASA Space Frame 3D

CASA Space Truss 3D

CASA Space Frame L

CASA Space Truss L

CASA Space Frame S


CASA Plane Frame 2D

CASA Plane Truss 2D

CASA Plane Grid 2D

CASA Multi - Beam 2D


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