Receptive Field networks

Adaptive receptive fields with reconfigurable Idemetric Processors

Intesym Idemetric Processors form a stimuli receptive field network with optional feedback paths, and multiple processors can be combined to expand the size of such a field to support more complex processing requirements. Such a network resembles biological receptive fields, e.g. a visual perception system would be comparable to the field hierarchy running from the retina (image input) to the extrastriate visual areas (useful output).

The input of such a field can be multi-dimensional and is typically an image, but could also be audio or other signal, and the output is a conceptual representation of the input. The output could be as simple as percentage similarities of the query relative to the contents of a database for image recognition, or it could be as complex as representing an “understanding” of a complete scene for a roving robot. Feedbacks can exist within the field to allow for the resolution of ambiguities or for refining processing according to subsequent discoveries. The feedback mechanism can also provide a dynamic memory for the processing of real-time signals or motion pictures.

Technology in brief

An image processing technology capable of, amongst other things, measuring the similarity of images, recognising contents, and understanding scenes.

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Receptive Field networks




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