Idemetric Processing


Idemetrics is a very flexible technology and has many uses, including:

TaxonomyIdentifying the species of plants and animals; discerning between spiral, barred, and elliptical galaxies.
SortingAssiging images to categories based on their content, such as people, cars, animals, landscapes.
DistributionDetermining the distribution of objects within a scene, such as locating and following a crowd.
DensityDetermining the density or quantity of objects within a scene, such as how busy a street is, or measuring bacterial cultures.
GeographyMatching landscapes; identifying changes in landscapes.
CartographyMatching OS-style maps and road-maps with aerial photographs.
OCRNumber-plate recognition; road-sign reading; font recognition; reading handwriting; spell-checking; interpreting sign-language.
Stylistic neutralityComparing images of similar things in different styles, such as matching photographs against sketches, clip-art, or “photo-fits”.
Image cleansingAutomatic removal of unwanted parts of an image (e.g. background stars in photographs of nebulae).
Scene understandingIdentifying objects; identifying objects within objects; identifying errors in a scene; identifying image faults.

Technology in brief

An image processing technology capable of, amongst other things, measuring the similarity of images, recognising contents, and understanding scenes.

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