Idemetric Processing

Flexible processor architecture for idemetric perception

Intesym Ltd. has developed a reconfigurable software processor based on its Idemetrics technology for performing real-time full-colour multi-dimensional data processing, such as image recognition, image similarity, image categorisation, movie scene analysis & modification, and scene understanding.


Recognition vs. Similarity

The Idemetric Processor is highly parallel and efficient and allows its various internal units to be dynamically configured in myriad ways to process both static and dynamic data, either to produce a processed output thereof (absolute proximal stimulus) or to compare against databases of other data (relative proximal stimulus) for autonomous decision making. In addition it can operate in either closed-loop or open-loop modes as desired, along with feedback-driven reconfiguration and semantic analysis for additional intelligent behaviour.

An internal receptive field network exists within the processor, and larger networks can be built by connecting multiple processors together, forming a counterpart to biological vision systems.

Receptive Field networks

An example of the processor architecture is seen in the Intesym Similarity Image Server (ISIS), which operates as a web-based search engine and can not only measure overall similarity of a query against samples in a database but can also extract and identify objects within the query scene.

Intesym Image Similarity Server

Cortica is a microchip embodiment of the architecture, aimed primarily at high-speed similarity searches through large databases, with a single energy-efficient chip offering thoughputs of dozens of images per second with each image compared against a database of millions of samples. Multiple Cortica processors can be combined to multiply the speed or increase the comprehensiveness of the searching.


Whilst the Idemetric Processor has been developed primarily for image processing, the power and flexibility of this capability makes it also suited to many other forms of data and signals, such as audio, music, tactile, smell, and motion stimuli. In addition, the arrangement of the Idemetric Processor, especially through the hardware-accelerated features of Cortica, is ideal for artificial intelligence applications and algorithmic complexity investigations.

Idemetric = Idem ‘same’ + Metric ‘measure’

Technology in brief

An image processing technology capable of, amongst other things, measuring the similarity of images, recognising contents, and understanding scenes.

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Recognition vs. Similarity

Receptive Field networks




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