Computer Aided Structural Analysis

  • The main window is clean and uncluttered.
  • Like DTP, multiple sheets can be used and easily accessed by the thumbnail index down the left.
  • Each sheet is a fully interactive and user-definable view of the model.
  • Multi-window interface is easy to arrange on a desktop and allows working with multiple monitors.
  • Each window can be opened and closed as you want them and when you want them.
  • Simple to use point-and-click and drag-and-drop interface between windows and with the graphical view.
  • CASA gives the user the freedom to do what they want to do and when they want to do it.
  • Member cross-sections drawn to scale and shaded.
  • Triad indicating axes in lower-left corner of window.
  • Real-time rotation by dragging with mouse.
  • Rendered view is not just a pretty picture — it is fully interactive, with point-and-click data & drag-and-drop editing.
  • Rendering can be turned off.
  • Traditional stick representation gives clear geometric views.
  • Pointing to the structure will highlight the nearest object.
  • The member highlight indicates the major and minor axes.
  • Relevant information pops up on object nearest mouse pointer.
  • Member rendering improves ability to spot mistakes.
  • Colouring by group improves visibility and allows sections of the structure to be easily identified.
  • Surface texturing allows members to look like different materials, such as wooden beams or marble columns.
  • By applying a picture, the member can portray any scene such as logos, plants, people, etc.
  • Advanced section generator allows quick and easy generation of arbitrary cross-sections.
  • Simply sketch the shape and draw the outline and cut-outs.
  • Loading displayed with translucent envelopes and rendered 3D arrows.
  • Pointing to a load gives useful information.
Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot
  • Results presented in easy to use tables.
  • Results can be sorted by clicking on column headers.
  • Easily find the highest or lowest forces and displacements.
  • Clicking on nodes/members in the structure view will highlight the relevant entry in the table.
  • Moving the mouse over the table will illuminate the nodes/members in the structure view.
  • Individual members can be investigated.
  • Results displayed graphically, including force envelopes.
  • The deflected shape can be fully rendered and (if wished) overlaid on the original structure.
  • Adjustable scaling can emphasise the deflections or set them to actual size.
  • Flash (SWF) video animations around or through the model for presentation to clients or publishing on the web.

    (The video on the right may take a few seconds to download.)
  • The video shown here is of a true structural analysable model. These kinds of images are not merely “presentation” nor a special display mode; this is what you can work and interact with in CASA.


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