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Coordinate system Axes

The coordinate system used by CASA is left-handed.

  • Front projection (“plane-frame”):
    If +X is pointing right and +Y is pointing up, then +Z is pointing into the screen.
  • Top projection (“plane-grid”):
    If +X is pointing right and +Z is pointing up, then +Y is pointing out of the screen.
  • Positive rotations and moments are defined anti-clockwise when looking along an axis away from the origin.

A small triad in the bottom of the main model view window is always present and indicates the relative directions of each of the axes.

  • Double-click on the X label to get a standard front projection
  • Double-click on the Y label to get a standard top projection
  • Double-click on the Z label to get a standard side projection
  • Double-click on the base of the triad to get a default general view

Cameras can be set up (see later) to provide convenient views relevant to the model, and these can be quickly selected directly from a menu on the toolbar.

Display settings

Each type of object and their attributes can be turned on or off to alter the content of the model view.

Also, various scale factors and visual quality setting controls are available.

Rotating and panning

The normal way of visually navigating around the structure is by rotating, panning, and moving in and out. This is accomplished entirely with the mouse at any time.


A more dramatic method of navigating around a structure is to fly. The mouse is used as a flight yoke. You can start and stop a flight and control the speed directly as part of the interaction with the model, it is not a distinct mode of operation and does not require choosing or clicking on anything to fly.

While flying, the mouse cursor disappears and a “gunsight” appears with two pink dots indicating the yoke position to aid control.

Cameras and videos

Cameras can be defined in either static locations or given trajectories to follow. These allow the engineer to create an automated real-time flythrough or presentation video of the structure for the client.

Please see the screenshot page or look at the tutorials for examples of the videos that can be produced.


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