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CASA-IV is available with per-user licences. Each licence cames with a USB dongle, which allows installation on an unlimited number of machines with the use of one copy per licence at any one time according to which machine the dongle is plugged into. The Advanced Edition costs £600 + VAT per licence. The price includes postage of the dongle, all future updates, and there are no annual charges.

The Standard Edition is being phased out in favour of CASA-M, but remains available to current customers for additional licences. For new customers considering CASA-IV we recommend the Advanced Edition.

A Reader is shipped with all full versions. The Reader can be freely redistributed to clients so they can read and view the model produced by the engineer without needing to buy any software themselves.

A freely redistributable Demonstration version is available from our download area.

Both the Reader and the Demonstrator may be run directly from a CD or USB flash drive and do not require installation. The download area also contains a selection of video tutorials for CASA-IV.

For further details or to enquire about purchasing CASA-IV, please send an e-mail to

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System requirements

Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows XP or newer; either 32-bit or 64-bit.


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